Why You Should Bake Your Own Bread

November 2, 2017

There’s a special little giggle you get in your belly when you breathe in the aroma of fresh-baked bread and that is reason enough alone to break bread at home. However, if you need more convincing than that, then here are some sturdy reasons you can stand on.

Cha-ching-ching Bread
First off, in terms of purely financial goals, baking your own bread at home will save you big bucks. In particular, if you tend to purchase organic, wholegrain braids from your bakery, you will save even more since organic and artisan breads can run you anywhere from $4 to $8 and beyond. If you factor in the cost of your flour, your leavening agent and whatever other things you decide to add, you will still not be able to rationalize why a flaxseed loaf costs $8 at the market and a few bucks at home.

Clean Bread
When you bake bread at home, you have the ability to control exactly what goes into it, and that means no chemicals, fillers and unnecessary fats and preservatives. For anyone really trying to take charge of what they put into their body, baking bread at home is the perfect way to get exactly what you want.

Skinny Bread
If you are attempting to lose weight, it is also incredibly helpful to make your own bread. Store-bought versions often use excess sugars and other ingredients to keep the bread soft. You can eliminate all of those commercially-inserted danger-bots when you create your own heavenly loaf.

Additionally, if you use additional nuts and seeds, you can feel really good about the bread that you do eat, since it’s not just flour but also hosts a ton of beneficial nutrients that are going to help you function throughout the day.

Meditative Bread
The value of playing with flour and water can be a value-added benefit of its own. Adults suck at playing just for the sake of playing (unfortunately). But you can change that.

To begin with, at least when you’re playing with water and flour, you know that you will produce something useful and that sort of allows our adult brain to give us permission to play.

In fact, the sheer act of mixing, kneading, thumping and creating a loaf of bread a truly relaxing experience. So baking bread isn’t just an act, it can also give you a chance to relax, find some silence and meditate.

Bake bread, be into you.
End result: delicious bread, happy you.


Get your bread on
Sometimes, doing the very things our ancestors did hundreds of years ago can bring a strange pleasure of the giddy kind.

Maybe it’s something to do with working with our hands to create instead of to tap on a keyboard.
So bake your own bread for the sensible adult reasons and reconnect with your child self and your past self for purely juvenile reasons.

Enjoy the knead!

Written by Joti Heir.