Top 5 Farmer’s Markets in the US

August 5, 2017

The Original Farmer’s Market
Los Angeles
(Monday, Saturday, Sunday)

Established in 1934, this farmer’s market has everything from homemade pies to fresh fruits and veggies that taste as though they were picked not more than a minute before your teeth set to crunching them down. You can also pick up all-most swimming fish as well as meat and poultry as well as fancy-schmancy ingredients that will make you feel like a 5-star chef. And if you’re a true foodie, you are going to LOVE their all-American Melting Pot food tour where you can sample all sorts of world cuisines that have made their way into American kitchens – all made with delicious, fresh, wholesome ingredients.


Santa Monica Farmer’s Market
Los Angeles


As you can imagine, California is bursting at the seams with farmer’s markets that sell year-round. The Santa Monica Market is a favorite thanks to the amazing variety of fruits and vegetables ranging from the humble orange to pink lemons and tangelo’s. And this isn’t any old market, it’s a real community effort. You can enjoy live music and you’re toting the kiddies they can get their face painted while you nosh on some deliciously prepared food.


Union Square Greenmarket
New York City
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays


If you’re in the market for emu eggs then you are going to want to head to Union Square Greenmarket. New York City has numerous markets but the one at Union Square Park. Here you can not only by all sorts of gourmet goods, but you can also learn how to cook up some of those goods thanks to the weekly cooking demos that take place.


Old Oakland Farmer’s Market


Apparently the Tamale truck is all the rage at the Old Oakland Farmer’s Market, and if the locals like it, you should definitely try it! You can find a variety of fresh produce and moving into the afternoon, live music can be heard floating through the air. Food vendors always bring out the lunch time crowd and if you’re lucky you might catch one of the tables set up for diners. This is a great place to pick up some Asian vegetables that are difficult to find in the chain stores.


University District Farmer’s Market


The University District Farmer’s Market is open year round providing fresh farm food to beautiful budding minds. You can pick up farm fresh produce as well as farmstead artisanal foods like delicious fresh cheeses – including goat cheese! And you can also pick up wild things like saskatoons and stinging nettles. In fact you can plan your whole meal right at the market and then pair it with a vine from one of the local vineyards as well as fresh juice from local orchards. This place is an all round lovely way to start your Saturday.

Written by Joti Heir.