The Joys of Old Bookstores

October 23, 2017

Despite the onslaught of e-books, which are changing the way people now read, the appeal of old bookstores stays the same for those who know the actual joys of searching through old bookstores. Browsing for books is like a mini adventure, where you browse through shelves until you reach that particular book which grabs your attention because of its title or cover page. You check the book and sometimes you see notes written on the margins of the book or an inscription written with a pencil for a loved one and you feel the warmth yourself.

People who enjoy the whole experience of buying a book still prefer to go to an old bookstore, as these bookstores, for many, bring back the memories of childhood, and are perfect to engage with other literature enthusiasts like themselves. Moreover, one can only imagine the excitement one feels when they find a rare book in these old bookstores, hidden underneath the piles of other books, it feels like you have found a secret treasure.

Many people will agree that browsing through their favorite old bookstore is the perfect way to spend your lazy Sunday afternoon, moving from one shelf to another, you can discover books and writers that you did not even know existed. You meet strangers and bond over your mutual love of books and literature.


There is nothing wrong with modern ways and even with reading e-books on your iPad or on your Kindle, but there are some books that have to be read the vintage way, i.e. getting your copy from an old bookstore, sitting on a sofa and enjoying your book.

The real joy of buying books from old bookstores lies in the fact that the books have a distinct smell; they have this old world charm and you would never know who was the owner of the book before you. If, however, you are lucky and the previous owner has left behind some notes on the margins, you get an exciting insight into the life of the former owner of the book.

Buying books at old bookstores is like a trip through memory lane, where you see glimpses of the past and feel nostalgic when you are surrounded by old books. Many people find reading books as comforting and even therapeutic, thus cruising through an old bookstore provides them a perfect outlet to break free from the tumultuous chaos that life can be for some while.

These old bookstores offer a huge selection of fiction and non-fiction books, and book collectors who love to collect rare books are sure to find something to add to their collection.

If you are a book enthusiast in search of an old literary classic then head to an old bookstore and you will surely return with one or more books to read, collect, or even pass on to a loved one.