The 7 Most Beautiful Seaside Towns In The US

November 11, 2017

Isle of Palms, South Carolina

The bright lights and hubbub of South Carolina’s busy city life will slowly fade away as you get closer to one pretty little city with an even prettier name.

The Isle of Palms sits on the Atlantic Ocean and is separated from the mainland by a long drink of water called the Intracoastal Waterway which runs along the American coast from the Atlantic through to the Gulf Coast.

The town is slow and rich like a good cup of coffee. The city’s year-round residents anchor it in place and with that all possible amenities a large cty would offer are available. However this town started off as a holiday destination and hasn’t lost that romantic feel.

Old Victorian mansions flank the waterside and that’s where you’ll find many a frolicking family on vacation in the summer. The beaches are where it’s at for not only baking in the rays and reading all those books you meant to since last summer, you can also get active. Water sports are hugely popular from parasailing to wakeboarding.

A quaint Main Street provides the perfect place to stroll in the evening before you sit down to a lovely nosh brought to you by the sea.

It’s a cheery little place sitting on the tip of infinite seas and a light, cool, breeze.

Watch Hill, Rhode Island


As impressive and sprawling as the homes may be in Watch Hill, this seaside town has all the charms of quaint and small without any of the fuss and bump of nouveau rich.

Watch Hill sits on the southern tip of Rhode Island and was historically known as a vacation destination for wealthy families. The homes are still quite big and the town’s residents are still doing fairly well in the pocketbook, but the town sits as an ode to nature.

The town has a small but vibrant downtown with eclectic shops and dining options. But it is the strolling beaches and wild expansive views that will have you wishing you could sit out there with your cup of coffee and stare out into the abyss forever.

Provincetown, Massachusetts


You can be sure if artists come here to find inspiration, then this isn’t just a town but rather a muse of a place – and that by golly is something special.

Provincetown sits down at the very tip toe of Cape Code and has a year round population of less than 4000. Beyond the solitude one finds in the silence, it is the beautifully, draping sand dunes that surround the town which give you room for pause. The city is outlined by beach and the water, though cold, provides a certain kind of steely blue refreshment that is good to the eyes.

The city has also become popular with the gay community and so you will see numerous businesses dedicated to the lifestyle as well as Atlantic House, which is thought to be the oldest gay bar in the US.

Besides breathtaking views and soft dunes, Provincetown has an eclectic art’s scene from fine art to theatre as well as lovely restaurants for a growing population of foodies in the city.

Saugatuck, Michigan


A vessel that is hand-operated will take you from one side of the Kalamazoo River that divides Saugatuck in two. If that isn’t lovely and beautiful, there’s not a whole lot that is.

Saugatuck is just oozing with a charm that is now becoming legendary an in tourism numbers have significantly increased. The town is absolutely buzzing in the summer as family’s swoop in to get a little down time on city beaches as well as take in the city’s hot art scene.

Some of the most popular attraction include a trek to the top of Mt. Baldhead and a lazy afternoon on Oval Beach. The city’s numerous cultural festivals throughout the year also keep visitors frequenting this lovely seaside town.

Boca Grande, Florida


It’s a little wacky and colorful and provides all sorts of memories of hippie children and the free love revolution. Boca Grande, Florida is one of the loveliest seaside towns to have a good time and let it all hang out.

The town is one of the best places in all of the US to shell and is very popular with fishing enthusiasts. And if you’re into quirky everydayness, you will be quite tickled to see that golf carts are a main mode of transportation for many residents of the town. You can rent one for yourself if you are so inclined.

Stinson Beach, California


Soft, shady beaches that are still relatively unknown to tourists is one of the things that attracts many locals to the little seaside town of Stinson Beach.

The sand is golden and the water pleasantly warm in the summer months. Besides the beaches are numerous recreational areas and even a ranch you can visit.

The town is small but provides a main drag flanked with cute and healthy eateries tailored to bring out your inner Californian.

If you’re in San Francisco this is a day trip very much worth making. There’s something about Stinson Beach that is so California and yet feels as though it is longing for visitors to come pluck a place on its shores and enjoy its beauty in a whole new kind of way.

Perhaps, welcoming it is, warm it is, and beautiful it is as it basks in that sweet California sunshine.

Haleiwa, Hawaii


A moment of stillness will appear as you sit on the golden sands of Hawaii and turn your face upward to welcome the sunrise, it may be the air, but in this moment you will be happy that you are here … on earth.

Welcome to Haleiwa, one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the US and home to a small community that enjoys big beauty year round. Haleiwa sits in its own little cusp of the world on Waialua Bay on the Anahulu River.

Of course, relaxing on the water is a local pastime, but if you’re visiting it’ll give you a whole new kind of pleasure that requires the bringing forth of all kinds of oohs, ahhs, and stomach joy.

A little beauty called Haleiwa Beach Park provides space for rest and relaxation, but if you’ve got ants in your pants and want to get active then there are a whack-a-mole worth of water sport adventures you can get in on.

The town boasts lovely plantation- era architecture that gives the town a pastel glow. The combination of old and new has resulted in a thriving old town mixed with old and new eateries as well as chic galleries and places to purchase cool doodads and the like.

Whether you’re on the beach or buying a quaint doodad, you will find yourself roaming about with the feeling of having had a massage two seconds ago – yes that is how relaxed this place gets in on you.

Written by Joti Heir.