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5 Ways to Make Your Picnic Day Perfect

As strange as it may seem, but just move the meal you would have in your dining room near the lake, at the top of a mountain or in a park forest and Vavoom … the same meal morphs into something magical. And that’s…

July 23, 2017

5 Reasons You Need to Spend More Time Outdoors

There is something about spending time in the outdoors that brings a twinkle to the eye and rejuvenates you to your very soul. It could be that when we are out amongst nature we are actually in a place that beats with life, each…

July 11, 2017

When And Where To Find Solitude And Time For Yourself

One of the most wonderful things you can do for yourself is to be alone. Yes, completely and totally alone, just hanging out in your own head. When you are alone you can take stock of what you’re doing now and where you’re headed.…

June 19, 2017