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Home Sweet Home

Stunning Patio For A Small Space: 5 Easy Ideas

August 16, 2017

The whole world in your table Your patio table can take up a significant amount of your space so it is important that you give it some thought. A great way to expand your patio space is to have a mirror and a piece of glass cut to the size of your table. Place your mirror on the table, covered by the glass and the table almost disappears into the outdoors its reflecting. Fairy Lights Using these magical lights is…

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Home Sweet Home

7 Old Family Traditions Everybody Has Forgotten

Annual Family Photograph Remember when everyone in the family would get dressed up on a Saturday afternoon and excitedly await the magic man with a camera to come take their picture? The man would come and he would tilt heads, lift chins and force…

July 28, 2017
Home Sweet Home

7 Tips for Reducing Clutter and Simplifying Your Life

Clutter clogs you up in all kinds of ways. While you may think that all the random little, bitty, useless things using up useful space in your life aren’t really affecting you. Here’s the simple lowdown – YES they are! Your subconscious mind processes…

June 22, 2017
Home Sweet Home

5 Thinks Your Bedside Table Should Have

Your bedside table is an important piece of furniture. You spend a lot of hours next to it and so it should be equipped to handle your needs for 8 hour stretches at a time. Here’s the top 5 things you should have on…

May 13, 2017
Home Sweet Home

7 Easy and Simple Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Maybe it’s the colorful balls of air floating around the house, or the streamers strewn on your ceiling in ordinary chaos, or a cake with your name on it. But there is something just so darn whimsical about birthdays, so much so that I…

May 11, 2017