Big City Life Versus Small Town Life: 7 Pros and Cons

November 26, 2017

There was a time when neighbors knew each other, relatives lived a few blocks away from one another, and social networking involved face-to-face interactions at the local grocery store. Now with dual income families and jobs that frequently require relocating, slow living is a choice that people make between city life and the small town life.

There are myriad pros and cons of both styles of living. For instance, you often find better social support services, such as recreation centers and libraries, in the city. While these opportunities are available in small towns, city amenities tend to be more completely equipped. Here are seven fundamental comparisons between living in the city versus life in the small town.

Life in the City

Living in the city provides some of the following pros and cons:

  1. Life is convenient. You can always find 24-hour convenience stores to solve your cravings regardless of the hour.
  2. There is more pollution and higher population, which can result in decreased health.
  3. It’s easy to find others with similar interests.
  4. There is often an imbalance between work life and social life.
  5. You can find more social event varieties, such as opera, museums and concerts.
  6. The overpopulation contributes to less green space.
  7. You have access to technologic innovations, such as widespread Internet infrastructures.


 Life in the Small Town


Slow living also has its pluses and minus, such as:

  1. Clean, fresh air and close to nature
  2. Lower educational opportunities in rural areas
  3. Decreased crime and congestion
  4. Relatives living close by
  5. Limited access to innovative health care
  6. Lower real estate prices and taxes
  7. Less cultural opportunities, including fine are, music and theater

It’s easy to find pros and cons to both lifestyles. What it comes down to is your individual preferences outweighing the advantages of life in the small town or the benefits of life in the city. The difference is priorities and determining which aspects of life are most important to you.