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8 Inspiring Tips for Anybody Who Dreams of Opening a Bakery

November 19, 2017

Baked goods are not food, they’re art, at least according to those that have gone on to start bakeries of their very own. And part of creating this art has to do with the sheer love and passion bakers have to for their work.

The following are 8 little inspirational tips for anyone that dreams to open their own bakery:

Why not you?

There is absolutely no reason that you cannot be the owner of the coolest bakery on the planet. If you are passionate about baking and want to share this passion with people then you can and will be successful. It’s all about how much you love for the game. You may have heard of the famous Lauderee French Bakery that produces the famous Macaron. This bakery was originally opened by a man who was a writer and had a particular fascination for baking, that happened close to 150 years ago and his name rings true today. That could be you.

Do it the Martha Stewart way

If you enjoy baking as a hobby and have always dreamed of owning your own bakery but just don’t know how to go from cupcake-mom to bakery owner then why not set up a home bakery first. You can start off my baking from home and creating special orders for friends and acquaintances. Starting from home will help you save money before you set up shop – even Martha Stewart started from home and just look at her now.

Your decisions, your results

Once you do save up that money to open a storefront, don’t pressure yourself into thinking its got to be the biggest, fanciest place right off the bat. The freedom that comes with running your own business is that you make all the decisions. Fix on your budget and then find a place that will allow you to begin to grow your business. You can worry about the gold ceilings and gilded mirrors once you’re established.

You write your own definition

A bakery can be different things to different people so it is up to you now to decide what that means to you. Opening your own bakery gives you the freedom to define bakery in any way you wish. Bakery to you could mean becoming the jaw-dropping artistic master of cakes or it could simply mean providing healthy, organic breads and baked goods. You could be the place with the best cookies in town or the place with the best cinnamon buns. It is up to you to create your dream world and there is a special luxury in that.

You can become a community hub

Generally, most communities have the one place in town that becomes the place that people come and go from, the place that sponsors events, that becomes a part of special school days, farmer’s markets, festivals – that place could be your place.

If you’ve ever had the desire to open your own bakery, you probably also love that warm and fuzzy feeling of being a part of the community and making others happy. By opening up a bakery you have numerous opportunity to establish yourself as a pillar of your community.

You are the happy place

It is not possible to walk into a bakery and leave without a smile. That just doesn’t happen. You have the opportunity to be the place where people go to become happy, and there’s just something special about that.


Your idea is a present

If you’ve had the idea of opening a bakery burning somewhere in the back of your mind for a long time, be sure it is not by accident. There is a reason you were given that idea, it doesn’t happen to everyone. If you feel passionate enough about what you do to share it with the world this very well might be the THING that you are supposed to do and so you MUST give it a chance.

No such thing as failure

Each and every step you take toward your dream of opening a bakery is a valuable one since it helps propel your forward to your dream. It doesn’t matter if someone didn’t like your particular combination of muffin or someone wasn’t appreciative of your design and ideas. A failure is just a step toward success, so keep trekking and one of these days you are going to land smack dap in the middle of the bakery you are supposed to share with the world.

Bon appétit!

Written by Joti Heir.