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7 Old Family Traditions Everybody Has Forgotten

December 5, 2017

Annual Family Photograph

Remember when everyone in the family would get dressed up on a Saturday afternoon and excitedly await the magic man with a camera to come take their picture? The man would come and he would tilt heads, lift chins and force toothy smiles. Ultimately after the dozens of shots he took there would be one shot where no one closed their eyes, no one sneezed, no one was looking at someone else and it would be that beautiful picture that would go up over the fireplace for the next year.

Fast forward to 2015 and man oh man, there are billions of pictures floating around the ether. You will see people sitting around food, staring at coffee cups, making awkward faces and showing awkward body parts … not so many beautiful family pictures.

It matters not how awkward those family posing sessions were, they were fun in their own family silliness kind of way. And that’s why this family tradition has to make a comeback. I suppose you could make it a family selfie tradition – but however it’s done, the key is that you get to see your family and their hair progress over the years and that’s just a warm, fuzzy feeling waiting to happen.

Marshmallow Campfires


The crazy low-carb craze is here to stay and if that’s how you want to eat then that’s great for you. The only tiny little problem with that is that you may miss out on a few carby traditions that are truly worth throwing your interior into disequilibrium.

And one of those family traditions is the making of the S’mores. Oooh how that goeeyness is just dancing around my mind. Every family has the one person that is the best s’mores maker, somehow they just know how to toast the marshmallow just right and somehow balance the perfect of marshmallow and graham cracker for the absolutely PERFECT bite.

We need a return of the Chief Family S’mores Maker cause everyone should have at least one memory of sitting around a campfire on a crisp fresh evening with chocolaty lips and marshmalllowy dreams.

Family vacations


Nothing brings a family closer together then 2 weeks stuck together somewhere strange. This is where all these potentially weird but always hilarious memories are made. Sadly, many families have started to take separate vacations. Mom might go with her friends, the kids might go with their friends, maybe Mom and Dad go and leave the kids at home. All of this is fine and good, but there should be at least one fun, awkward, long , strange family vacation happening every year to ensure you all know how weirdly similar you all are so you can spend the rest of the year trying to be different.

Birthday Parties


It seems as though fun, birthday parties with ridiculous hats, streamers and loud party favors are happening less and less. It would appear the age for a kid-friendly party has dropped to somewhere in the toddler range while older kids are being treated to ridiculously expensive adult-style parties. STOP IT. Give ‘em a traditional vanilla birthday cake and let them get as messy and loud as they wanna – let’em be kids. And by the way it is perfectly ok to throw your teen a vanilla-cake party, they’ll secret love it.

Dinner Time


Yes, I realize this isn’t so much a tradition as a necessity. However families do not have dinner together anymore, not most anyways. There are a variety of reasons for the break down in this tradition including just the sheer pace of life, but really of all the tradition, this is probably the most important in ensuring that your family stays in tune. You can reconnect and learn about each other’s day over a meal – that is quality family time. Bring it back!

The Extended Family


If it’s hard getting together with your immediate family for dinner then it is twice as hard to get together with extended family, but it’s important. It is nice to be able to see relatives – crazy or not- to get a sense of where you came from and to share that sense of family with your kids. Even an annual reunion is a great idea if visiting each other is difficult due to distance and time.

Family Time

If you do any of the above, yes you are spending time together, however it is important to schedule time every week or month where you as a team go out and do something together. It could be a hike, a trip to a neighboring town or something as simple as breakfast at a cozy inn by the water. Whatever it is, try to make the effort to plan something fun to do together so you don’t take each other for granted – like furniture in the house.

Bring the above 7 things back and you’ll have a rocking family life, sincerely.

Written by Joti Heir.