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7 Easy and Simple Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

May 11, 2017

Maybe it’s the colorful balls of air floating around the house, or the streamers strewn on your ceiling in ordinary chaos, or a cake with your name on it. But there is something just so darn whimsical about birthdays, so much so that I think it’s time to officially allow ½ birthdays and ¼ birthdays. I suppose that would mean that you would spend most of your free time going to birthday partiesJ.

Now, a critical part of planning any birthday party is setting the mood. You can’t just plop a cake on a table and call it a birthday party (not even if it has candles – not even!). Now streamers and balloons are fantastic, but it’s always fun to get a little personal and a little creative, so check out these 7 ideas that can make you the bestest birthday party planner of all!


Sequin Balloon Bowls

You will need:
1 balloon
2 pkgs colorful sequins
1 pkg glitter


  1. Blow up your balloon, brush half of it with glue.
  2. Turn the balloon so that the glue side is up.
  3. Sprinkle your sequins all over, next sprinkle the sparkles so that all space is filled, you should not be able to see any of the balloon under the sequins.
  4. Let the glue dry, make sure sequins are well-affixed, once hardened, cut the unsequined portion of the balloon off.
  5. Voila you have a beautiful glittery bowl, you can make a number of these and put flowers or candy in them, or nothing at all.



Strings of Gold

You will need:
Round Gold Labels


  1. Sandwich the string between two gold labels, repeat every two inches for as long as you wish.
  2. Hang these around the party room of the house for a lovely shimmery birthday touch.



Brown Paper Bag Placeholders

You will need:
Brown Paper Bags
Juice Boxes
Crustless ham sandwiches
Mini chocolate bar


  1. This is a great decoration idea for an adult birthday party, it’ll pull everyone back to their childhood.
  2. Create a bag for each of your guests by personalizing it with their name.
  3. In the bag, place a juice box, mini chocolate bar and a small crustless ham sandwich, close the bag up and use instead of place cards for seating at the dinner table.
  4. You can leave crayons on the table as well, which will allow the guests to have a little fun with their bags.



Christmas Tree Ornaments

Ornaments don’t have to be just for Christmas as long as you use the right ones.

You can get lovely round pink and gold or blue and silver ones and fill glass vases with them.

To make them less Christmasy and more birthday-y, mix in colorful confetti with the balls.



Chocolate Jewel Sticks

You will need:
Wooden skewers
2” Chocolate Caramel Chunks


  1. Thread one piece of chocolate onto a wooden skewer, next place 3 lifesavers, next chocolate, 3 lifesavers and top with a final chocolate.
  2. Place these Chocolate skewers in short cylindrical glass vases around your party space.



Personal Party Cups

You will need:
Plain white paper cups


  1. Set up a table with your cups and art supplies and let each of the guests create their own cup for the night. The cups will look festive and it’ll help people keep track of their cup.



Dazzling fire and ice centerpiece

You will need:
2 glass vases (one should fit into the other)
1 tea light
Red food coloring


  1. Fill your smaller vase with water and place inside second vase.
  2. Fill the second vase ¾ of the way up with water, add a few drops of red food coloring and voila!
  3. You have an amazing looking display you can use as a centerpiece or place in strategic spots through your space.



Photo Montage Wall Decoration

You will need:
Photographs of the birthday boy/girl


  1. Print out as many pictures as you can and if you do them in black and white it looks even better. The more pictures you have the larger you can make this ode-to-the-birthday person mural.
  2. You are going to stick the photographs on the wall in the shape Stick the photographs on a large wall in the shape of the number of years you are celebrating.


Written by Joti Heir.