6 Ways to Make Your Weekends Happier

September 26, 2017

So what’s not to love abut a weekend, it’s already in its own tight package, but you know what? You can make weekends a whole lot better with a few tiny changes that can make a 2-day weekend feel like a mini-vacation of sorts


Do your weekend before the weekend

If your plan for the weekend is nothing then more likely than not, that is what you’ll be doing on the weekend. In order to have a fantastic weekend, you need to plan it like you plan everything else that’s important to you in your life.


Saturday Morning Wake-Up

Sure, it’s tempting to sleep in after a long work week, but you’re only losing time on yourself when you do that. Think of it like this, you get up 5 days of the week for someone else and on your weekend you get up for yourself – don’t be a sucker to yourself, that’s just silly.

Getting up at the same time as you get up for work instead of several hours later will give you a way longer weekend – it’s strange but the few extra hours in the morning extends your day dramatically. It likely has something to do with the fact that when you get all 3 parts of your day plus an extra 4th if you go out at night, you feel as though you had a much more fulfilling day.


Sit Down and Have Breakfast

Most people don’t get a chance to truly enjoy breakfast as a meal. Often we’re running here to there and end up grabbing something on the go or we sit in front of our computer screens half enjoying our food and half trying to get some work in.

On the weekend, give yourself the luxury of a real breakfast that actually requires cutlery and face-to-face interaction with family or friends.



Get your Smile on

There is a reason our friends are our friends since we choose them, they aren’t given to us like our family and neighbors are. Friends are the ones that accept you for who you are so that’s the people space where you’re comfortable and happy. So don’t get into that habit of taking them for granted, make time for the people that have the ability to give you a crazy grin.


Get Good

Yes, some of your weekend time to get good at something. There is probably something that you already know you‘d be good at it you gave it a little time. Whatever that is, give it a little time. Numerous studies have proved that we are happier when we are engaged and improving – the only thing that stops us is our natural bend towards lazy, easy stuff.

So go get smartable at something!


Get Outdoors

Make an effort to include at least one activity in the great outdoors or even in the little outdoors near your home. Being out in green space just naturally makes us feel happier, which of course will make for a happier weekend.


Get Physical

If you think moving off your couch on the weekend is a crime than you are likely the enjoyer of very few fun weekends. You need to get up, get out and get that heart beating a little higher than your neighbor’s fat cat. It’s all in the mind, you may think you don’t want to get up early to go for that run, but after you do, man oh man you will be flying high all weekend. If running isn’t your thing then organize a game of something or other with friends or family.

Alive (happy) people move … jus’ sayin’

Have a fantastic weekend!

Written by Joti Heir.