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6 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Productive

September 7, 2017

Working at home can be both a gift and the most frustrating experience ever.

It is absolutely wonderful to be able to manage your own time and not have to commute, however working in your home office can become a huge challenge and actually detract from your work if you’re not careful. Test out the following 6 ways to make your space more productive so you can spend less time being distracted and more time enjoying this freedom you’ve created for yourself.

Take home out of your office

The biggest challenge of working from home is when your home starts creeping into your office space. It is the psychology of working from home that you have to overcome. If you leave your house to go to your office, automatically your brain switches modes and knows its work time, and then when you return from work, you get that relaxed feeling of being at home.

However, when you don’t have that physical movement helping you to transition from home mode to work mode, it can get difficult to get down to work. So what you need to do is create a very different environment in your office. Your home office should look nothing like your home, including your walls, your furniture, the knick-knacks. Do as much changing to the interior as you can afford to do – you can find some pretty good stuff at yard sales if you go early enough in the morning — including desks, chairs, curtains, cushions and rugs.

Clean the Clutter

Of course this seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes we get so used to having that coffee mug, screwdriver, old newspaper, dead pen sitting around our space that we don’t remember that it is in fact clutter.

So make it a habit, that every Friday let’s say, you take inventory of what’s on your desk and get rid of all non-worky things.

Filing cabinets can be delivered to homes too

For some strange reason, the filing cabinet has never really made the transition from work space to home work space. People generally tend to rely on their desk drawers and their desktop for storing files. If you haven’t got much in the way of paper, this isn’t a big deal, but if you do in fact have physical documents , invest in some filing cabinets. Having all of your stuff neatly ordered and out of sight in filing cabinets will do wonders when you need to find something fast and it will also bring a mental peace of mind.

Who let the dogs out

Unless you’ve got some heavy duty walls in your home office, you are bound to be distracted by the sounds of your household or neighbors or neighborhood.

These non-officey sounds can pull you right out of office mode and into whatever ruckus is happening outside your door or window. So outfitting your office with some speakers and playing non-distracting tunes will keep your mojo and the sounds of your neighborhood kids playing a battle- to-the-the death game of tag out of your ears.

Additionally, listening to classical music or binaural waves can really assist with focus and productivity.

Ergonomics matter

If you’re crumpled over your desk or almost huddling under it, you’re not going to be very productive. Sooo, it is absolutely essential that your desk chair ratio be complimentary to you and that your chair provide your back with the support you need to stay at your most productive.


A great way to make sure you’ve got nice, clean air in your office is by keeping some plants. The plants act as a filter for you and plus its good for your eyes to look at green.

Inspirationalize Your Space

Motivational sayings are everywhere, if you use social media you have several friends or acquaintances that will make sure you are inspired on a daily basis with a wise word from someone famous.

And truthfully motivational sayings are absolutely wonderful and can help push you past that 5 o’clock bump when you’ve got a deadline. The important thing is that the saying has to been something in particular to you and so just any old one won’t do.

Actually invest some time in finding some inspirational quotes that really puts a fire under your butt and productivity in your game. Print these sayings, frame them and pop’em up on your office walls. Any time you’re feeling stuck you only need to look up at your walls for some go-go-go inspiration.


Written by Joti Heir.