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6 Tricks for Hosting Stress-Free Small Gatherings

November 14, 2017

Hosting your very own gathering is almost like playing, “house” for adults given all of the fun there is to be had, however as adults we tend to get stressed out about playing host when all we really should be doing is having a whole lot of fun.

So here are 6 ways you can sack the stress and get your happy on:

Make a plan

Decide what you are going to serve a week ahead of time and make a list of all the ingredients you will need so you’re not running to the grocery store at the last minute. Except for the things that you absolutely need fresh, do your shopping several days in advance so you can prep and have everything ready to go at least a day in advance.

Use Disposable Biodegradable Plates and Cutlery

A mountain of dirty dishes is likely the worst part of hosting a gathering at home. And you definitely don’t want to start doing your dishes mid-party because that will definitely kill the buzz. Biodegradable plates and cutlery is a fantastic option that allows for quick clean up and you don’t have to feel guilty about making waste.

Figure out the logistics

You don’t want to have that awkward moment when someone walks in and is left standing cause there’s nowhere to sit so get your seating arrangements sorted prior to the day of the gathering. It could be as simple as pulling a chair in from another room or you may have to borrow some folding chairs. Also think about how you’re going to present the food, this of course will depend on the kind of party you’re having, but if you’re going to have snacks and appetizers set out, then think about where you’re going t o place them and move tables and such into place if you need to.

Kiddie Planning

If there are going to be kids at this gathering then you must plan for their entertainment as well. Set aside a separate area where they can play together and have an activity organized. You can provide arts and crafts items like beads and feathers and string and let them go wild. Also, you will need to prepare a separate menu for them, but of course it doesn’t have to be elaborate, rather it should be simple and non-messy food that kids enjoy.



Whether it’s your family or your friends, you can easily hand out small tasks for everyone to do. No one is going to mind and it makes people feel useful. Now, we’re not talking about getting someone to start wiping tables and sweeping floors but rather get someone to bartend, maybe someone else can handle the music, these are simple and even fun things your guests can partake in.

Make it a potluck

One of the easiest ways to simplify your hosting role is to have your guests bring a dish for everyone to enjoy. It’s quite easy for each person to whip up one thing instead of lonely, tired you whipping up numerous things from snacks to desert. Plus, it’s always fun to sample the dishes everyone’s made. Of course as host you’re going to want to serve something yourself so you can also get one person to bring a salad, another to bring dessert, maybe someone buys some good bread – whatever works for your crowd.


Just because you’re getting some help during your event doesn’t mean you lose host points. Your friends and family love you and that’s why they’ve decided to attend. And so the most important part of the whole event is that you spend time with them. Using the simple ideas above can make your life a whole lot easier so you too can have a great time. And remember the only way your guests can really enjoy themselves is if they see that you are enjoying yourself too.

Written by Joti Heir.