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6 Tips For A Rustic Living Room

April 22, 2017
rural living room

There’s something about rustic country style that can make any room in your home, homier and cozier and comfier.

And the great news is that it is pretty easy to inject that warm comfort into your space. You can comfisize your living room with the following simple tricks:

Bring the Barn home.

Yup, barn doors are distinctive in their design and can bring a truly rustic feel to your room. This door doesn’t have to be affixed to anything, you can just set it up against a wall. For a clean rustic look, you can white wash the barn door so that it better blends into your existing décor.

Do Burlap

Using burlap for curtains can instantly bring a lovely textured feel into your living space, you can easily make burlap curtains yourself for an instant rural makeover.

Easy Rustic Shelves

Use old chest drawers to create a shelf for your living room. All you need to do is remove the knobs from the drawers and then stack the drawers on top of each other with the inner part of the drawer making up your display areas.


Antlerize your space

Antlers make a rustic statement in a big way. You can’t have antlers in your space without thinking woods and cabins and animals and trees.

You can use antlers as a simple statement piece hanging over the fire place or above the entrance door.


Wooden Floor

Changing the flooring in your space is a very easy way to dramatically change the whole feel of your room. If you can swing it, replace your current flooring with a nice wood for a clean rustic look.

Bring in the Barrels

If you can get your hand on old wooden barrels, you are going to have some amazing end tables. This is a really creative and easy way to incorporate rustic and functional into your living space, plus you can store stuff inside the barrels – that right there is smart, rustic living.


Written by Joti Heir.