6 Countries That Are Perfect for Living in a Floating House

October 21, 2017

When you imagine a house, the image that comes to your mind is of a traditional house located in the city surrounded by a network of streets and roads. However, there are many people who do not wish to conform to the modern living style and thus, their concept of a house is very unique. Instead of living in traditional houses, they live in floating houses. As the name suggests, a floating house is a house built on water, it is a low-cost housing solution and is ideal for people who are enamored by the beauty of nature. A floating house is a splendid experience romanticized by many people, but realized by few.

In the construction of a floating house, natural factors have to be taken into account, like floods in the river and rising sea levels, so two kinds of floating houses can be built. One that permanently floats on a water body and second that only floats on water when the water level rises and stays on the ground in the dry season. Below is the list of six places to live in beautiful floating houses and have an adventure of a lifetime.

1. Netherlands


In order to meet the acute crisis of housing, floating houses were built throughout Amsterdam and now there is a growing surge in their demand. Originally, many of the cargo vessels were converted into floating houses and architects were hired to design floating homes using flood-proof architecture. These floating houses are situated along the Amstel River, the canals, and the Amsterdam docklands.

2. India


In Kerala floating houses are not manufactured using modern design and architecture, instead they resemble slow moving barges. They were previously used as a means of transportation. The floating houses, which is also referred to as Kettuvallams in local language, attract many tourists. The house is about 70 feet long and about 15 feet wide, constructed using wooden planks held together by ropes manufactured with coconut fiber. If you really want to experience the old world charm, then a floating house in Kerala, India is a place you should not miss.

3. United Kingdom


Floating houses, also referred to as narrow boats in the United Kingdom, have dual functions; they are used by people as homes and are also rented by the tourists. At an earlier time, when the United Kingdom was going through the Industrial Revolution, these boats were used to transport raw materials. They no longer serve that function, but instead, many people live in these boats now.
More than 15,000 people are currently living in floating houses in the United Kingdom and many more people are getting attracted to this sustainable and nature-friendly lifestyle. For many people, floating houses provide an escape from the chaotic city life.

4. Canada


Floating houses are gaining popularity in Canada, especially in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. However, these houses are not permanently occupied, due to the brutally cold weather of Canada. The most picturesque floating houses are built in the Rideau Canal system.

5. Australia


If you are visiting Australia, you will find beautiful floating houses on the Murray River and the luminous coastline of Victoria. These floating houses are built in a more complex manner, with multiple stories and bedrooms. Many people reside in these houses, while many floating houses are available for rent. From these floating houses, you can enjoy the beautiful views Australia has to offer.

6. Venezuela


The most famous floating home in Venezuela is called La Casa Barco, which was constructed in the late 20th century by a navy captain. The house resembles a ship that is floating on the water with anchors and radars. Nowadays, it enjoys an iconic status amongst the tourist attractions.

Floating houses serve a range of purposes, from solving housing shortage problems, being a sustainable living option, and even a tourist attraction. Living on a floating boat is an adventure you cannot miss.