5 Ways to Make Your Picnic Day Perfect

November 27, 2017

As strange as it may seem, but just move the meal you would have in your dining room near the lake, at the top of a mountain or in a park forest and Vavoom … the same meal morphs into something magical. And that’s why packing up the car with all sorts of household comforts to transform a piece of turf into our very own dining rooms makes absolute pitch-perfect sense.

So how can you make this thing of beauty better?

Well here are the top 5 ways you can make picnic day perfect

Check, double and triple check weather conditions.

There are few things that can ruin a picnic the way a rain shower can. However, just as an extra note of precaution, pack a heavy-duty patio umbrella or tent so you don’t have to resort to eating soggy sandwiches under a tree somewhere.

Plus a rainy day picnic under an umbrella or in a tent is actually kind of fun.

Make a list

Yes, in your mind you think there is no way you’re going to forget the cutlery – it’s an essential of course. But guaranteed that if you don’t make a list you will absolutely forget at least one thing that you need, as a personal note I can attest to forgetting the picnic blanket and cups for drinks. So instead of grumbling when you get there just make a list of everything you’re going to need and the KEY is LOOK at the list before you go and mark off everything as you LOOK at it. Now that’s a winning combination.

Picnic-Friendly Foods

Make sure you pack food that is suitable for eating outdoors. That means food that you can cut with a plastic fork if necessary or food that doesn’t require much cutlery at all since you could be eating on a picnic blanket. Ideally, sandwiches, veggie sticks and other hand-held items are great for picnics. Additionally cool green salads or pasta salads are great for upping the ante on an average picnic.


Limit bacteria-risk

You certainly don’t want to ruin a perfectly good picnic because of spoiled food leading to a trip to the emergency room. The best way to avoid that is of course to store food in a cooler/insulated basket. However, to take that one step further, avoid egg-based dressings and spreads. Stick to vinaigrettes for your salads and sandwiches, which will in fact preserve the food as opposed to eggy-dressings which can spoil quickly under the beating sun.

Keep the bugs away

If you’ve ever been to a picnic, you know that bugs love picnics even more than we do. So if you want to avoid having a human meets bug fiesta, try and reduce the likelihood that they’re even going to know you’re there. You can do this by packing things bugs like – like fruit – in plastic containers and keep those containers tightly sealed except for when taking a helping of the deliciousness.

Also, if anything spills, clean it up – yes you’re outdoors, but if you leave food items out in the open you will attract bugs. Also, do a quick check before you start unpacking your picnic gear to make sure you aren’t in a heavily bug-populated area. And finally, pack a citronella candle to light up if the bugs are intent on joining the picnic.

Now grab your favorite people – because they are the most essential ingredient in the perfect picnic – and get out there to enjoy what is arguably a universally favorite way to spend a lovely summer’s day.

Written by Joti Heir.