5 Tips for Healthier Coffee Drinking

December 18, 2017

Do you coffee? Yup coffee isn’t just a hot drink it’s a lifestyle worthy of its own verb.

The perfect mug of rich dark beauty can get that brain revving in the morning and provide a happy perk on a rainy grey Sunday. However, how you coffee is of the utmost importance since just any old coffee isn’t going to give you the best bang for your buzz.

In order to get the healthiest cuppa good you need to do the following 5 very important things:

1. Straight up is best
Coffee is good, but the things people put In it are oh so bad. That 3 tbsp of sugar repeated throughout the day goes down easy but is wreaking havoc on your body and paving the perfect path to papery skin and a toothless smile.

To get coffee’s real goodness you need to start delinking straight the hecklers up. If it’s hard to do that cold turkey, try a natural sweetener like Stevia instead, and try to use less and less of it so that you start getting used to pure coffee flavor. Once you do, you’ll never go back.

2. Choose Organic
All coffee is not created equal, and that has nothing at all to do with coffee snobbery. There Is actually a very good reason why coffee can range in price from a few bucks per 100 grams right into double digits. Inexpensive coffees can contain all sorts of chemicals that accumulate while the coffee is being processed and these chemicals are harmful for your body as well as clarity of mind.

That is why you should indeed invest the extra few dollars on an organic brand. Good coffee has a lot of health benefits and there is no reason to mitigate those awesome affects by getting a little chemical with that.

3. If you enjoy a little bit of coffee mixed into your whipped cream, well just so you know, that’s not a coffee you’ve got. That’s a liquid form of dessert and it’ll do the same thing to you that a steady diet of cake and donuts will. There is nothing wrong on the odd occasion to enjoy one of those whipped coffee drinks but if your barista has one ready for you every morning, you’re going to have the scale pointing and laughing pretty soon.

4. Grind
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If you’ve never ground your own coffee you are missing out on a fantastic olfactory experience. Sure, a cup of coffee smells good, but when you grind your own beans you will get a most delicious scent that is smack on pure coffee with a hint of earthiness. Beyond the lovely smells is the fact that when you grind your own coffee you are getting the freshest cup of coffee possible and you can be sure that what you are drinking is 100 percent certified coffee without any gunk mixed in.

5. Super Energy Boost
Now, this one might take some getting used to, but have you ever tried a knob of butter in your coffee? No? Well what on earth are you waiting for. Enjoying your organic morning brew with a little bitta butta, it will give you a super energy boost and have you tearing through the morning like you swallowed a cross fitter.

Written by Joti Heir.