5 Simple Planning Tips for Your Weekend Getaway

October 15, 2017

A little getaway from the everyday is like injecting yourself with a renewed life force, and that’s exactly what you get when you pick yourself up from your humdrum routine and run away for the weekend.

Now, the tricky thing about a weekend getaway is that you don’t have the luxury of having a down day like you do on longer vacations. On long vacations you can make a mistake, take a wrong turn, book a bad hotel for a night and still have time to recover. However, on a weekend getaway you get 2 to 3 days tops, so you certainly don’t have time for any mistakes.

So heed these 5 planning tips and you will have a brilliant weekend getaway.

Centralize your accommodations

Do make sure you choose accommodations that allow you easy access to the things you want to see and experience in your destination. This one is important since you don’t want to spend your limited time stuck in travel.

Don’t be too planny

Sometimes the best way to plan a weekend trip is to not get too planny. You can find some great last minute deals if you’re flexible, so throw caution to the wind and wait until Thursday before you firm up those plans. Then pat yourself on the back for being so darn fun and full of spontaneity.

Boxing up the time

More likely than not, if you’re taking off for a weekend getaway you’re leaving on Friday evening and returning Sunday. However, if you really want to get that extra mile on your weekend, why not take a vacation day on Friday or Monday. Or you can leave work at noon on Friday – which many companies are pretty flexible about – and this too almost gives you an extra day.

Enjoy the road

The fun doesn’t have to start at your destination, it can start on your journey. If you’re driving, check out your route and find out if there’s something cool you can stop off and see along your way. Even stopping off in a little town for a bite to eat can provide you with a unique peek into a different kind of world that will pull you out of your reality.

Lose your connection

Do not even dream of taking your laptop or tablet with you and turn off your phone data connection. Do not allow even an inch of the work week to creep into your weekend. In order to truly enjoy the rejuvenation of a getaway you need to not only transport your body from your everyday but also your mind.



Written by Joti Heir.