5 Charming Cities for Writers and Artists to Live

October 16, 2017

Artists can be inspired by a metal fence or the humming of a bird, but there’s something special about a community of artists catching a vision together. Whether inspired by crashing waves and country­style homes, or drawn to reminisce while staring out the window during a rain storm, these five charming cities create an inviting atmosphere for artists of all types to visit or live.

1. Nantucket, MA 

The romantic island of Nantucket, only 30 miles from Cape Cod, adorns its streets with cobblestone homes surrounded by beach front properties. With a population of 11,000, this hideaway is the perfect place for writers and artists to step away from the busyness of life, breathe in the fresh ocean breeze, and be inspired by the sounds of nature.  

2. Seattle, WA


A city with dozens of radically different neighborhoods, Seattle is home to thousands of artists. With coffee shops to write in, an outdoor sculpture park, and a troll hiding under the bridge, Seattle stretches the limits of what “art” can be. The brilliant spring shades mixed with the gray winter fade brings the perfect contrast of emotions, provoking the artist to project their whole selves onto the canvas.

3. Portland, OR 

A town made up of bike riders, independent storefronts, and specialized coffee shops, its no wonder that artists are drawn here. The not so expensive rent doesn’t hurt either. There’s something about sitting by the fire on a gray rainy day that draws out the inner artist in all her forms.

4. Sedona, AZ

Drawn to it’s light and natural beauty, hundreds of artists call Sedona home. The spiritual festivals, rock formations, and various art centers have created an atmosphere where artists
can truly come alive. Their visitor’s site says it well, Sedona is a place to “let your soul be touched by the artistry of both man and nature.”

5. Philadelphia, PA

Holding the third largest art museum in the country, Philadelphia has much to offer the artist community. On any given week residents can find themselves dressed up at the opera, attending a craft fair, or engaging in writing for social change. If participating in history and the artwork of others helps bring your own art to life, then this is the place to be!