4 Signs You Need To Move to a Small Town

December 6, 2017

More and more people are considering pulling out of fluorescent cities and moving into towns where chimneys are still lit and people still sit around drinking coffee and reading the paper. There’s a whole bunch of reasons people want to unplug from city life, but here are the top 4 signs you may need a little change of pace.

You don’t know your neighbors

You may have lived in your current apartment for several years and never once said hello to your neighbor. This is increasingly common if not the norm in big cities which may lead you to believe this is perfectly normal behavior.

Helllooo. No. It’s not.

If not for anything else, you should get to know who your neighbors are before having to learn about their cannibalistic feasts from a police officer knocking on your door at 3 a.m. Besides ensuring your safety, there are many reasons for getting to know the people that you see or hear or both on a daily basis – it’s one of those things called an organic human connection.

If you are suffering from this condition, you need to pack your bags and boxes and crates n’things and find out how the other half lives – the results may shock , disturb and delight you. Small town living can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime – in particular for those that have grown up in the city. Living in a small town is like like living in another world.

You have Making-Eye-Contact with Strangers phobia                                                                                                                        

Living in a small town will kick the pants right off that phobia, forget about eye contact, you’ll be smiling and say good day too – I kid you not. I’ve done it!

City life has taught us to see through people or at least see right past them. It is really quite sad. We don’t have the ability to acknowledge the existence of one another. To be fair, it is true that city populations are very high and filled with all sorts of characters, some perhaps that we don’t want to invite into our lives.

However, the greater percentage of the time you’re going to be walking past just another human being wandering this earth who would appreciate your message of acknowledgement – like a “Hey human, Hope all’s well with you as we stumble through this human experience. “


You feel like a little fish in a big sea

Do you feel like Anonymous Andie as you wander through the streets of your city? This is one problem you will absolutely not have in a small town unless you go into hiding – and even then you’ll be known as the weird person that has gone into hiding.

There’s a wonderful sense of belonging you can feel if you move yourself to a small town. You exist, you are noticed. You will actually go to the local market and the butcher, baker and cashier will remember you and say hello. It is true. The bank teller, the librarian, the police officer, they’re all going to know you.

You are tired

Yes, it’s possible that you are simply just tired of everything. You are tired of the hustle and bustle of car horns, traffic lights, fast living and just can’t handle the sleep deprivation, being accessible to everyone 24/7 and the cement – you just don’t want to look at the cement anymore.

This is a HUGE sign that it is time for a move. It doesn’t have to be forever but it’s probably what you need for right now so that you don’t burn yourself out. A move to a small town is going to teach how to slow down and get in tune with yourself again.

It’s gonna feel a hella good. Promise.

Written by Joti Heir.