When And Where To Find Solitude And Time For Yourself

    August 26, 2016

    One of the most wonderful things you can do for yourself is to be alone. Yes, completely and totally alone, just hanging out in your own head. When you are alone you can take stock of what you’re doing now and where you’re headed. Only by being alone can you truly understand who the you that resides in the human body really is. By understanding yourself you can figure out what your purpose is and how you can best serve…

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  • bookstore

    The Joys of Old Bookstores

    Despite the onslaught of e-books, which are changing the way people now read, the appeal of old bookstores stays the same for those who know the actual joys of searching through old bookstores. Browsing…

    August 22, 2016
  • citycover

    5 Charming Cities for Writers and Artists to Live

    Artists can be inspired by a metal fence or the humming of a bird, but there’s something special about a community of artists catching a vision together. Whether inspired by crashing waves and country­style…

    August 17, 2016