Work & Play

    5 Essential Ideas for Marketing Your Cafe

    January 16, 2017

    Your cafe needs to become the comfy living room of your community if you’re going to be successful. People need to perceive it as their joint, a common place where people meet for everything from girlfriend gossip to project strategizing. So, how exactly do you go from that place behind a window that people walk past to getting your own nickname – like “hey let’s meet at OUR JOINT, OUR PLACE, THE CAFÉ, THE GREATEST COFFEE HOUSE OF THE CENTURY…

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  • Bread

    Why You Should Bake Your Own Bread

    There’s a special little giggle you get in your belly when you breathe in the aroma of fresh-baked bread and that is reason enough alone to break bread at home. However, if you need…

    January 13, 2017
  • bookstore

    The Joys of Old Bookstores

    Despite the onslaught of e-books, which are changing the way people now read, the appeal of old bookstores stays the same for those who know the actual joys of searching through old bookstores. Browsing…

    January 2, 2017