Home Sweet Home

    Stunning Patio For A Small Space: 5 Easy Ideas

    August 16, 2017

    The whole world in your table Your patio table can take up a significant amount of your space so it is important that you give it some thought. A great way to expand your patio space is to have a mirror and a piece of glass cut to the size of your table. Place your mirror on the table, covered by the glass and the table almost disappears into the outdoors its reflecting. Fairy Lights Using these magical lights is…

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  • coffee2

    5 Tips for Healthier Coffee Drinking

    Do you coffee? Yup coffee isn’t just a hot drink it’s a lifestyle worthy of its own verb. The perfect mug of rich dark beauty can get that brain revving in the morning and…

    August 12, 2017
  • MarketLA

    Top 5 Farmer’s Markets in the US

    The Original Farmer’s Market Los Angeles (Monday, Saturday, Sunday) Established in 1934, this farmer’s market has everything from homemade pies to fresh fruits and veggies that taste as though they were picked not more…

    August 5, 2017
  • Oxford

    3 Towns That Are Homes to Famous Writers

    Oxford, Mississippi With its regal old buildings, gingerbread houses and small-town charm nestled among red clay hills, Oxford is the perfect, pretty little place for an author to tuck into, put her feet up…

    August 3, 2017