Home Sweet Home

    7 Old Family Traditions Everybody Has Forgotten

    February 24, 2017

    Annual Family Photograph Remember when everyone in the family would get dressed up on a Saturday afternoon and excitedly await the magic man with a camera to come take their picture? The man would come and he would tilt heads, lift chins and force toothy smiles. Ultimately after the dozens of shots he took there would be one shot where no one closed their eyes, no one sneezed, no one was looking at someone else and it would be that…

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  • caprese

    5 Easy Snack Recipes for Unexpected Guests

    So you’re friends are dropping by for an impromptu get together and you don’t have that much time to whip up your usual array of appetizers, but you still want to serve something yummy…

    February 17, 2017
  • cityvstown

    Big City Life Versus Small Town Life: 7 Pros and Cons

    There was a time when neighbors knew each other, relatives lived a few blocks away from one another, and social networking involved face-to-face interactions at the local grocery store. Now with dual income families…

    February 11, 2017
  • muchmoney
    Work & Play

    How Much Money Is Enough for a Good Life

    This is the golden question in our capitalist world. How much money is going to give you a life in which you are comfortable. Basic Human Needs Well, the answer to this question is…

    February 6, 2017